Pop AI 2017

Pop AI is a music-generating application implemented with three N-gram variants (Unigram, Bigram & Trigram) that reads from an inventory of pre-loaded songs and generates novel note sequences by detecting language patterns found in those music. It utilizes natural language processing techniques and a Python program named PySynth to generate short clips of music and then combines the output with a selection from a pre-defined set of drum beats and bass loops.

A separate Reddit Bot is implemented that replies to any comment exactly once on a Reddit Thread if it contains the words "music" or "lyric," regardless of the letter case. If the comment contains "lyrics," the bot will reply with artificially generated lyrics. If the comment contains "music," the bot will generate music, access its own google drive, and upload its music and reply with a link to the song on Google Drive.

    Core Features
  • Generates novel note sequences and combines them with drum beats and bass tunes
  • Includes 3 N-gram variant models (Unigram, Bigram & Trigram)
  • Comes with a Reddit Bot that responds to user requests for new music & lyrics
  • SkillsPython 2.7, PySynth
  • KeywordsCreative AI, N-gram Model, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Probabilistic Language Model
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